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Week 1 Review; Videos and Experiences #edcmooc February 10, 2013

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Bendito Machines. Dystopia

Brilliant graphic celebration of the next best thing, worship of new, friendly, winsome technology until it’s superceded and biffed with its predecessors.  Implies that the majority are blindly following where the technology leads (technological determinism), highly influenced and passive and neglectful of the world around them.  Some dissension when technology conflicts with individual “comfort zones” or becomes unpredictable (.  The new technology arrives and the hoi polloi drop the old into an open and rush for the next best thing.

Inbox, Utopia

My favourite . Making connections on the net using a clever, unique system of joined bags to illustrate the Inbox.  So familiar, waiting for a reply, reading the message the wrong way, losing the technological link.  Love the adjustment when they finally meet.  Definitely a Utopian view of the relationship for me, the communication breakdown drove them out of the house and when they met they seemed happy.  Certainly a different scenario from the start of the video where they were bored and sad.

Thursday Utopia

Strangely hopeful to me therefore Utopia.  The birds adapt and survive in a concrete world, the man trapped in his bleak routine finds love, technology breaks down – everyone waits to resume work, technology (sophisticated lift system) provides a date with awesome views of the city at night (patterned lights for both the bird and the couple to enjoy.  Even the bird flying into the window and reviving and eyeballing the man speaks of hope.  For me the bird has agency in the film.!

Newmedia Dystopia

Ugly technological world, grey and decaying.  Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping (or distracted by technology while your world dies).  Sci Fi, well made and short.

Week 1  My #Edcmooc Experience

Steep, time consuming learning curve with digital media and then over reading discussion Posts instead of doing exercises or experimenting with digital artifacts. Learning to relax on my blog site (I wonder if all accountants are as fascinated with statistics?). I am tentatively considering embarking on Twitter as it sounds like all the action is there maybe next week? Enjoy meeting participants in a “cyber” way and grateful for those who are interacting and helping me on my journey – thank you. Also delighted at University of Edinburgh for facilitating this enormous digital adventure. Still finding it exciting.


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  1. Lovely, quirky blog! Made me smile – and good to see you in here! Best, Sandra

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