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Week 2 Future Shock & the Resistance Movement. #edcmooc February 14, 2013

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I covered Day Made of Glass on this blog. That and Productivity Future Vision are slick advertorials designed to appeal to their target market, the consumer of their products and services – to them the presentations predictably epitomise a technological Utopia – clean, slick and streamlined designed to make life easier and happy (both included nuclear family happy technical times).  To the edcmooc student the presentations throw up a dystopic world shadowed with issues such as quality of educative software, one dimensional teaching, privacy, restricted availability, likely to those who can afford it and so on.

Day Made of Glass

Productivity Future Vision


Very well made Dystopia that, for me, drew heavily on the serious gamer dichotomy separating what is real and what is not and where does the game end?  I could, however, only imagine Daphne being a Cyborg purchased or won online by creepy, gestapo gamer, Patrick.

“Gratification theory” would ask, “to whom would the technology in “Sight” be useful to?”  It would have to be compelling for people to agree to have technology inserted into their heads, even for power crazy gamers.  The trade-off, on face value, is being in a perpetual gaming state – no thanks.  And would gamers do it?  There is always the threat that someone will be more powerful and you the subservient or loser.  Would they be comfortable with public disclosure of their personal online information?

Hardwired head aside, how could someone manipulate an individual’s free will on the first date?  (unbalanced relationships can develop over time).  I am confident the human’s free will to choose would overrule hardware in the head and the gestapo accent.

Daphne would just keep walking, block him and report him to the software company unless, as stated earlier, she is a Cyborg.

Charlie 13

Covered in a separate blog.  (Be prepared for slow upload)


Another dystopic video showing a disturbing DNA identification system giving full surveillance powers to the authorities.  The hope are the Time Travellers who return as duplicates of existing people to warn the past of the path they are taking and their persistence in spite of a controlling authority who wants to stop their message.  You have to ask why they would not listen unless there was a darker motive.  Crime control seems to be the motivation for people to participate, as in Charlie 13, again the consequences feel sinister.   Plurality!


Competition threw my time frame out and have been left behind for now.  Problem was upskilling on the tools.  I had little background in this.  Loved how the #edcmooc community helps us!  Someone composed a long list of good web tools… but that was another diversion.  Agree that the time commitment for the course should be extended but it doesn’t matter because this is an enjoyable experience.  First Tweet chat last night – was worth hanging around until 1 am for.  So learning a lot technically and also reflecting a lot on the human response to technology after reading/viewing week 2 and feeling positive.


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