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My Digital Artifact – A Souvenir #edcmooc February 27, 2013

Digital Artifact #edcmooc


Tiki-Toki’s script does not work with WordPress, spent too much time trying. This will get you there.

Hope you enjoy my artifact as much as I enjoyed making it.


6 Responses to “My Digital Artifact – A Souvenir #edcmooc”

  1. 7yukari7 Says:

    I liked it very much 🙂 It was interesting to read about your course experience, and I like that your timeline doesn’t end with finishing the artifact )

  2. Maria Says:

    Quite interesting! I love the images and the storytelling with content and experience from the course combination.

    • essgarland Says:

      Thank you very much. it is a great tool but the #edcmooc was a wonderful learning experience on so many levels and how we did it and how it affected me had to be recorded somewhere, somehow.. timeline seemed best.

  3. robeanne Says:

    I really liked this. I haven’t heard of Tiki-Toki before but it looks like an interetsing tool to use. I love the way that you simply linked the parts of the course and succinctly drew the main ideas together. Great job.

  4. essgarland Says:

    Thank you – enjoyed pulling it all together – it seemed the perfect vehicle to get experience and content together. Delighted with feedback and with 2/2 score 🙂

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